Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hidden feels~

I observe my class today…
All of them have their different love story…
Some of them love others but not dare to express…
While some of them know they have feel on each other…
But they not dare to accept the fact…
I ask my friend Loke who sit beside me today…
What will you do to attract someone that you like??
Well, his answer is simple…
Always look at her and let her feel that you like her…
But it seem like everyone will use this method…
I observing my friends and I do not saw that they looking at the one they like…
But…they will put attention on someone they like…
They will “accidentally” look at them, see whether the one they like is look at them or not…
Some may use some excuse to talk to their love one…
For example passing thing to others through the people they like…
This world is funny…
People like to do something that should not do by them…
Creating a lot of misunderstanding each other… (Maybe is their hobby)
For example making someone they do not like to fall in love with themselves…
But I think this is usual attitude…
Since everyone want themselves to attract by many people and like by other people…
This is normal…
But the unusual thing I feel is how come someone know they like each other but still could not close to each other??
Do they need to consider a lot of thing??
According to my sister, become a couple is not a matter of 2 people…
But is matter of 2 families!!
Therefore, she asks me to consider of their family is I found that I crush on someone…
As I mention is about 2 families! But how come my friend still could not be with the one they like although they never meet each other family??
Is this because pressure from other friends??
Afraid others will talk about them if they being together??
Or guy could not give the gal feeling of safe??
IF they could not be together because of afraid others talk about it…
Then I wish they would not be together FOREVER!
This is not cursing…but even this small thing they could not stand for it…
How could they face their family if there is any misunderstand between them…?
There is still a long journey for 22 under graduate youngster to walk in their life…
Wish all of people in my class found their true love~
Jia you for those who still do not express their feeling to the one they love~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Only lend our hand to those who appreciate it..
I’m not talking about they would repay us..
But at least they one day they won’t say
“I never ask for it and u offer yourself!!”

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I heard that a lot of thing in the world exist as “ying” and “yang” element..
There is black instead of white..
Male always exist if there is female..
The “ying” and “yang” always attract each other..
This concept makes the same element keep pushing each other..
For example magnet will always pushing away each other if both is negative..
This the natural of the world..
But sometime the world natural make me quite disappointed..
Since I came here, I found that human is same too..
Everything will think of gal first and how about friend???
Next time ba..
It’s a good thing… xD
Coz this give me an excuse not to think of them if there is any benefit..
I am clear about which element can be trust and should be treat nice~
And I also learn a lot from that..

story telling~

Everyone seem busy of assignment and exam this few week..
I think I suppose to be one of them..
But I do not know why..
This semester let me feel more relax compare to previous..
Maybe because I feel more pressure during industrial training..
Or most of exam were given study guideline and we just simply read the guide given..
Today I learn something new in my class..
Its about how we transfer knowledge from a person to another..
Lecturer said that storing telling is one of the way..
Story telling start from a person but not necessary stop by others..
When is the last story u heard from someone??
My elder sister like to tell me about story or article that she read..
I think the most story I like is related to culture of Chinese.. >.<
Do you know there are 2 persons and one rabbit in moon and do you know why??
Do you know why we eat “nien kao”?
Do you know why we eat “bak chang”?
Do you know why hokkien pray sugar can during Chinese New Year??
All the stories was told by my family..
I remember every word told by them..
I hope to share it here too…
But its too many for me to write..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Learn not to care..

The first time I come to here (Utar)..
I tried to care everything around me..
It includes people and things that I do..
After 2 years study here..
I found that what I do is wrong..
The more I care of something..
The thing will become worst..
Sometime I feel I’m annoying of myself because of the attitude...
I told myself to change…
No more care of everything around me no matter what happen..
No matter human or things..
I wont think of it anymore..
Hope this could make me better..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's the answer??

During the night while I try do my assignment, my hometown friend call me..
She need my suggestion about her friends problem..
Her friend has a boy friend 1 year ago..
Unfortunately the guy never contact her if the gal did not contact the guy..
Recently the gal is busy and she request her bf to send a encourage or supportive message for her when he free..
But the request did not fulfill by her bf..
“Shall they break?” my friend ask me..
I did not give her a fix answer..
This is because I feel that, we could not judge them since we do not clearly understand the situation and problems..
My friend told her to break since the guy does not care of her...
Is this the correct action for the gal???

Unexpected Activity~

Unbelievable that I went out whole day just now..
I plan not to anywhere because I felt lazy on morning..
After having my lunch, I found that my computer have some problems and making me lagging..
So I decided to follow my friend, Loke, bring his laptop for her sister..
After that we went to find my best friend Ah Nee at Sunway and bring her to One Utama since she never went there before..
We had a lot of fun there.. ^^
When reach there, the first thing we did is look for food court in the shopping mall..
Ah Nee haven’t eat lunch at it already 3.00 pm when we reach there..
We bought a lot of food there..
Fried chicken, sushi, kaya ball and many more..
The food stall not allow us to eat there..
So we had to eat on the bench which prepared for shoppers to rest..
After eat, Ah Nee suggest to watch movie..
Since batman was sold out, so we had to choose other Chinese movie.. (Forgot name) =.=
The story line of the movie not bad..
What make us surprise is at the end of the movie there is a sentence wrote that “to be continue”..
This mean we had to wait for next episode for the movie ending.. =.=
I never expect I would do such activities today..
But I did not regret for it...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Third blog of me..
I started to feel regret to start the blog..
Maybe I do not like others to know more about the inner me..
Today woke up so early in the morning because my class will be started 8 am (I always late for it =.=)..
With my tired face I walk step by step to school with my friends loke, ccc and daren (I would wrote down their name so I could remember them in future ^^)..
We could not find where is the classes and finally we was told the class was cancel..
Argh!!! The moment I really want to kill someone..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


They said when a person stay close to another too much, they will had almost same attitude..
Time tell me this is true..
After living 22 years in the world I found that human, especially guy would like to show off their strength in front of others (refer to girl) and hide every of their weakness.
Maybe this is called human being..
A person who firstly look nice would show their ego too..
Even some time I would think to be like that..
But I tried my best to hide it..
I not sure do I consider a abnormal person for doing this..
Although I try my best but the attitude will appear too…and I hate it very much..

Why Blog?

I did something I never expect I will do in my life..
I start the blog today after reading at my friend’s blog where he posts the link on his msn.
Every time I read other’s blog, they would use a very nice and pretty words which I always fail to do that..
For those who reading my blog please do not laugh at me if I had any grammar mistake or using broken English..
As Malaysian, I think that using broken English is a common culture..
Let me introduce of myself before I start any blog here..
My name is Cho Chun and most of people here calling me Ah Chun.
I am 22 (single).. Maybe I not attractive or mature enough..
I’m currently study in Utar (Petaling Jaya).. staying with my course mate from Malacca who I never expect I will stay with..
But I think is right choice for me to stay with him since he could tolerate with my bad attitude.. thanks to him.. =)
Well, I am from Penang (Bukit Mertajam)..
Please do not ask about my hobby because I do not feel like anything..
I feel bored to everything did by me..
So I had to look for new or more interest thing to do everyday..
That’s all for today..
Another thing is I do not why I start the blog..