Sunday, October 11, 2009

Missing night..

Some said we could not sleep during night is because of we miss someone..
The image of person keep rotate in our mind
It makes our blood circulation become faster and faster..
Am i missing someone at this moment while making me couldnt fall in sleep??
i think and think while i try close my eye..

i found tat i do missing...
but not someone...its several of them..
the image of my past keep appearing in my mind..
things that happen during my secondary school keep appear..
the image of my home and family member keep floating in my mind..

I not sure whether these images apppear make me cant sleep..
or i cant sleep so i try think something to make me sleep better..
time shows 2.00 am..
i had to wake up 6 hours later..

i had to clear my mind now to sleep..
else i going to fishing whole day in company...
good night to those who appear in my mind few minutes ago..
wish that you all live happily now and in future...