Monday, November 10, 2008

think before we advise?

November 11 2008..
holiday pass around 1 and half month..
and everyday i spend around 17 hours infront of computer playing games...
if my dad know it, he sure will scold and talk bunch of theory to me...
as a youngster, i should could not accept what he said...
this is because i feel that everyone will have their own interest or addicted to something..
just like them..
my dad smokes...
everyday will more than a packet..
i keep tell him that smoke no good for health just like he told me play games will affect my study..
so i feel that he had no qualified to give any advise..
corect huh??
i felt it correct since i was very young but until 1 day..
i realised it was wrong!!!
11 years ago...
a little baby born...
and he is the first baby that younger than me in my family..(i was youngest in my family)
looking at him day by day growing up..
making me worry about his future..
when the time i saw him sit infront of pc..
i will advise him not too play too much game cause it would affect his study..
but when think back...
do i really have qualified to said so??
and now i know how my dad feel at the moment...
the feel of sorry start to spread around my mind..
so i swear to myself..
no matter what my dad said in the future..
no comment!!!
just smile, knock head and agree~
jia you..