Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awaken morning..

Half more hour away from now, my alarm will ring..

but i could not get myself in sleep..

thinking of later i had to attend the place that make me feel down..

i totally lost my mood in everything..

i feel better after throw every of my suffer to my best friend's ear here..

but..i do feel down and stress when he was not around..

i suffering from difficult breath this two day..

mayb coz i could not digest the pressure given by her..

the word from her is unpredictable..

each word juz like dagger stab into my world..

she makes me suspect of i really suit to be programmer...

the interview at penang was cancel at last minute..

shall i cont find job in PJ while waiting to go back penang??

if i do find job here..i hope to move..

move to a better enviroment..

move to a place that i could refresh my mind and start everything from begining...

1 comment:

ChunHung said...

working life~fan fan fan....
anyway i know u can overcome it
gambate !