Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life After Uni

its been around a year since my last post..
finally i had completed my task as the only university student in my family...
graduated from a university..
it may not a proud since i do not graduate from a local uni..
but at least im called as a uni graduate..
the only thing i do not expect after i graduated is i would continue stay in kl..
sitting here continue writting my blogs..
i though that i would back to penang and continue my life..
but i know..
i know that someday i would go back to where i come from and never come back again..
i really hope the day would come..
but i do not had this strength to do that..
this is because i had to start from begining again..
new enviroment, new friends and new life..

everyone had change after graduated..
some become more matured..
some become more attractive..
and some are still as silly as last time..
i had change as well..
i feel that i had become worse than before..
my tolerance had become lesser and lesser..
my fear of being alone had become greater and greater..
but i will continue to try..
try to face it..
the purpose i wrote this blog is to force myself to face and learn..
i know i could do that..
every penang people had a very high flexibility to get along with different enviroment..
especially my family..

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ChunHung said...

lol chun,u oso graduate d,gratz ya.my convo will be on october.after that i will continue study master lo.so i'l be late to enter the society than u all.