Saturday, March 7, 2009

empty head

today we having graduate photo session..
few guys from my class do not attend for it..
one of them is my good friend ah loke..
one of the reason he do not come is because all his housemate never come..
actually i quite wish he will come..
this is because in future when we graduate, at least there is something could make me remember this good friend..
but i do not ask him to stay, this is because i know power of me 1 person never stronger than his 4 housemates..
few days ago, derrick ask him..
if one day all his boycott me, will him follow also..
i do not think about it after this..
today when i having my nap after the photo session..
this question sudenlly appear..
will it happen??
a person we treat as good friend boycott us because his other good friend do??
if he do, i wont be suprise..
i do not expect much from everyone around me..
its not because i do not trust them..
but i hope i could independent..
do not depend on others..
use to stay alone without friend..
everyday im trying to be alone..
but i think is difficult for me to achieve it..
maybe someday after graduate..
i wish i could get along with the feel of getting alone..

1 comment:

chunhung said...

don worry, u still got me,wakaka.