Sunday, January 18, 2009

Parent nightmare...

the feel of tired once again come back to me..
something happen and make me do not want to back to penang anymore..
few years ago, i heard someone said...
parent would not afraid, heartache or sad
if their children do not success in life...
the most sad thing for them is when they saw
their children fighting with each others..
all are their children and which shall they stand off?
as the youngest in home, what can i do??
find a chance to go other place and let them calm down..
this deed is such a useless guy..
but i really hope i could do that..

back to KL...
everything go normal..
until the day i ask him my friend..
"do u feel any regret with any decision you make?"
and he answer
"i do not want to answer"
and after few days, i was told that he had make the other decision..
decide to end something he had decide before its too late..
before the thing go deeper and deeper..
for me this is a brave attitude..
i wish he could find someone that more suitable..


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