Monday, January 26, 2009

chinese new year eve..

few years ago..

chinese new year eve is a very special and important event in my life..

this dinners bring alot of meaning and memorial for me in the whole year..

where all my family members gather and have dinner together..

steamboat is our dinner on that night..

when i was young..

we could only have steamboat once a year which is on that night..

i not very sure why..

but i guess is because there will be a lot of food and need many people to finish it..

due to working and study, it is difficult for all my family members to gather..

the meaning of this dinner stay with me for 18years..

it lost since the day she no more sit on the place and eat with us as she always do..


the dinner still important to us because of my dad..

but this is no more a pure eve for my "family"..

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